5.0 Reinforcement Phase

Reinforcements are those counters and strength factors including leaders due to enter the game in the current month. All operations discussed in this section may be performed only during this phase, unless stated otherwise.

5.1 *THE NAVAL REINFORCEMENT STEP: In this step, all players may place on the board those naval reinforcements due this Turn. This step is performed in the order; Spain, France, Prussia, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Great Britain.

5.1.1 PLACING EMPTY FLEET COUNTERS: Purchased (see 8.5.4) empty fleet counters (called "fleets") may be placed in any friendly-controlled home nation port or with any existing fleet counter but must have at least one ship strength factor (called "ships") immediately placed in (see 5.1.2) or transferred (see 5.1.3) to them.

5.1.2 PLACING SHIPS: All ships due this Turn (see 8.5.3) may be placed in any of their fleets (including fleets just placed by 5.1.1) in a friendly controlled home nation port or conquered minor country port, whether blockaded or not, but not so as to exceed the ship capacity of any fleet. Ships due this Turn can be postponed until any later Turn or Turns (keep a written record of all postponed ships). Minor free state ships are added similarly but only in ports of that minor free state.

5.1.3 TRANSFER OF SHIPS: During a Naval Reinforcement Step, a major power may also transfer ships between fleets occupying the same sea area, blockade box or port. Fleets of different nationalities (including different minor countries or of a major power and any minor country) may not transfer ships. If all ships are transferred from a fleet, the fleet counter is removed from the map at no cost in political points (see

5.1.4 REMOVING FLEETS AND SHIPS ("SCUTTLING”): A player may remove any of his fleet counters (permanently eliminating all untransferred ships, if any, that they contain). Scuttling can also occur under conditions covered in 6.2.6. Each fleet "scuttled" that contains one or more ships causes the loss of " - 1 " political point (record on the POLITICAL STATUS DISPLAY on the Status Card). Removing a fleet that contains no ships costs no political points. Minor country fleets and major power UMP (see 14.3) fleets may never be scuttled during this step. A fleet counter must be repurchased during the Money and Manpower Expenditure Step of an Economic Phase (see 8.5.4) to be placed back on the map.

5.2 THE ARMY REINFORCEMENT STEP: In this step, all players may place on the board those army reinforcements due this Turn. Army factors of artillery, regular cavalry, guard infantry (called "guard"), regular infantry and militia infantry (called "militia") factors (feudal infantry, feudal cavalry, insurrection corps militia, insurrection corps cavalry, cossack, freikorps and guerrilla factors are also army factors but they are not placed on the mapboard during this step unless part of a prisoner exchange --see due this Turn must be added as reinforcements. Their placement may not be delayed. Army factors that cannot be placed are lost. This step is performed in the order; Spain, Great Britain, Prussia, Austria, Turkey, Russia, France.

The scenarios specifically provide for the placement of new corps counters. If placement is not possible, due to enemy control of or the presence of enemy corps in the placement area, the corps counters (and all army factors they hold) are lost. *CAMPAIGN CORPS PLACEMENT: Purchased empty corps counters may be placed in an unbesieged home nation city (or minor free state city for corps of that minor free state) or with any existing, unbesieged friendly corps. A factor must be immediately placed in (see or transferred (see 5.2.3) to such a corps.

5.2.2 PLACING ARMY FACTORS: If placement of any army factor reinforcements is not possible, due to corps limits or garrison capacities or enemy siege and/or control of cities, these reinforcements are lost. SCENARIO ARMY FACTOR PLACEMENT: The scenarios specifically provide for the placement of all reinforcement forces. Army factors specified to be placed in an area may be added to corps or as garrisons in that area. For the scenarios, eligible corps are those that are unbesieged and which have the capacity to hold the factors. *CAMPAIGN ARMY FACTOR PLACEMENT: Adding to Corps Inside Home Nations:
Factors may be added to any unbesieged corps of the same nationality which has the capacity and is inside its home nation (this excludes ceded provinces). Minor free state factors can be added in this way, but inside that minor free state's borders. NOTE: Feudal corps must be in their home province which currently contains no unbesieged enemy corps (see 10.1.3) or off-map and insurrection corps must be in an Austrian-controlled border province which currently contains no unbesieged enemy corps (see 10.1.4) or off-map --during an Army Reinforcement Step feudal and insurrection corps will only get reinforcements from prisoner exchanges (normally they get new factors during December Levy Steps --see 8.10, and Adding Factors to Garrisons: Regular infantry (guard or regular cavalry factors may be converted to infantry factors in order to be placed in garrison --see or militia factors may be added as garrisons in unbesieged friendly-controlled cities in the home nation. Minor free state infantry factors can be added in this way but only inside that minor free state's borders. Adding Factors to Corps in Supply: Any army factor can be added to an unbesieged corps of the same nationally which is not up to full strength (for the type of factor) and which is on or adjacent to a friendly depot that is a supply source or part of a valid supply chain (see 7.2.3). Another major power's depot or supply chain may not be used for this purpose. For regular infantry, regular cavalry, artillery or guard infantry factors, this depot must be part of a valid supply chain of six or less depots to that point, which starts at a supply source in the home nation. For militia factors, the valid supply chain can only be at most three depots long to that point. Minor free states may receive their factors in the same way, but must trace a supply line (of their controlling major power) back to a supply source in their minor country. Supply lines for reinforcements may be also be traced in whole or in part via sea supply (see 7.4.3) but not via invasion supply (see 7.4.4).

5.2.3 TRANSFER OF ARMY FACTORS: During an Army Reinforcement Step unbesieged corps in the same area may exchange factors as desired, capacity permitting. Corps of different nationalities (including different minors or a major power and a minor country) may
not exchange factors. This is the only time during a Turn that army factors may be exchanged except to detach and absorb garrison factors (see 7.3.3). Army factors may also be exchanged with garrisons in the same area during this step, the same as in 7.3.3 and, if all factors are detached from a corps, the corps counter is removed (see 5.2.4). EXCEPTIONS: Feudal, insurrection and artillery factors may not be exchanged.

5.2.4 REMOVING CORPS AND ARMY FACTORS ("DEMOBILIZING"): At this time army factors forming all or any part of a garrison of a city or depot and/or corps counters (and any army factors they may hold) may be removed from the board. These factors are lost, but there is no political point penalty. In scenarios a corps counter may be brought back on the map when a corps counter is designated as a reinforcement.*: In campaign games, a corps counter that has been removed from the map must be purchased during a later Money and Manpower Expenditure Step of an Economic Phase (see 8.5.4) to be returned to the map.

5.2.5 SCENARIO MONEY: Money received in scenarios arrives during the Army Reinforcement Step (money arrives during the Economic Phase of campaign games). Money is in the form of 'money points," denoted by a "$" for convenience.

5.3 LEADER RETIREMENT AND REINFORCEMENT: Leaders may be retired from the map during their appropriate Reinforcement Step or if all their corps are eliminated by foraging (see or by failure to disembark (see Leaders may not be retired if in a besieged city (a besieged port city must also be blockaded to prevent a leader's retirement). Retired leaders are returned (along with newly introduced leaders) as reinforcements on any later Army Reinforcement Step (Naval Reinforcement Step for the NELSON leader). Leader reinforcements may be placed with any corps (fleets for NELSON) controlled by their major power.

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