Download Area.

Here you can find several files I collected or developed. Although I took care to get these files from trustworthy sources, I cannot guarantee that they aren't infected by any kind of virus. In this case: please inform me.

File Description Size
eia_map.gif The EiA map as GIF file. 471.54 KB The EiA Rules as help file. Erratas and Turkish options are already included. 96.51 KB
rules.doc The EiA Rules as DOC file. 523 KB
cyberboardv110.exe CybeBoard version 1.10. Self-extracting EXE file. In combination with the eia map and counter set it is an electronic eia board. Useful  for PBEM games. 661.01 KB Eia map and counter set for CyberBoard (see above). 2403.28 KB