Patrick's Empires in Arms Website.

Although there is a lot of stuff to find about EiA in the Internet, I decided to make up my own EiA site. There are multiple reasons for this: first, I didn't find the rulebook made up as an HTML document. There are so many references to other rules within this rulebook allmost crying to become a "clickable" link. Second, in the last ten years I played so many FTF games with so many different house rules, I wantet to get some organization into it. Third, I wanted to make it easier to choose specific house rules from existing ones at the start of a new FTF game. And fourth, I wanted an easy-to-handle reference book as help for rule questions.

Some of these goals I have achieved already. Some I am still trying to achieve. Others I probably never will. But I've started somewhere and I am not hoping this will come to an end once.

Why don't you just show in from time to time and see what's changed? If you offer help and/or advise you are allways welcome.

Contrary to the rest of my website the EiA pages are published in English due to this being the language in which the rules are written and discussions are held in the net. I did not intend to annoy any non-English-speaking persons. Sorry.

So, enjoy this site.